Our experience of launching products across multiple disease areas and multiple geographies means we understand the challenges surrounding launch from a range of perspectives.

To address the challenges and enable successful launches, we have identified a suite of solutions that can be delivered independently, or together as a full launch plan.

These solutions encompass a range of capabilities covering Phase II design through to launch execution. Click on the capabilities below to understand how we can help.

Our team are also happy to provide ad-hoc advice and research to help solve issues and address key questions at any stage of your launch planning. Please contact us here if you would like to find out more.

Launch Framework

Since 2004, between 36-50% of pharmaceutical product launches have failed to meet sales expectations. Having the right launch strategy is business critical

We have developed a roadmap for launch success defining key strategic milestones and deliverables that will enable a successful commercial launch.
Our Senior Directors and market-specific Strategic Advisors who have experience of launching products across various disease areas will help guide you through the strategic planning process.
We have an established network of Strategic Partners that provide industry leading capabilities to support execution of the strategic plan and maximise your commercial success.

Pricing Strategy

Development of your Pricing strategy is a critical component of the Brands commercial success. Pricing too low or too high can have negative consequences

Our team can help you develop a pricing strategy that incorporates:

  • The Pricing mechanisms in each market and the impact upon your pricing strategy
  • The price volume scenarios 
  • Market-specific alternative pricing strategies
  • Market specific Value drivers​
  • International Price Reference and impact on launch sequencing

Our in-market consultants facilitate primary market research to understand and validate the potential impact of different pricing scenarios.

Value Story Development & Testing

Ensuring your value story meets the needs of payers at various levels within the system and across the access pathway is a critical component of a successful launch

Development and validation of value communications deliverables including:​

  • Value messaging​ with stakeholder and market specific guidance on impact of Core Value Message elements
  • Payer needs assessment
  • Payer value story primary research
  • Dossier development
  • Objection handlers
  • Scientific advice decks​
  • Value story & pricing impact research (conjoint analysis)

HTA Evidence Plan

Ensuring you understand HTA decision criteria and assessment processes is crucial in gaining access. Understanding what evidence is required and how your evidence strategy will be assessed and the level of access your brand will receive is core to a successful launch

Working alongside our strategic partners and advisors, our team will:

  • Evaluate your evidence strategy against HTA criteria
  • Explain HTA processes and identify possibilities for early assessment
  • Help you to develop the appropriate engagement strategy
  • Explore innovation pathways appropriate to your product and how they link with HTA processes
  • Link HTA decision making with your Pricing Strategy

Stakeholder/System Mapping

Identifying key access decisions and the stakeholders that will make, shape or influence the decision will help you to prepare a targeted engagement strategy and facilitate a successful launch

Our team of PRA Directors and Senior Directors work with in-market Strategic Advisors to map the key launch markets, as well as secondary and tertiary launch markets. Together, they provide:

  • A clear understanding of all key market access decision points and decision makers within the markets of interest
  • An up to date overview of changes to stakeholders/systems through frequent interactions with payers at different levels within their system

All primary research is conducted by our specialist market access consultants to ensure you gain the right level of intelligence.
We can not only help you understand the right stakeholders within the system but we can also help you to identify ways to influence their decisions to support a successful launch.

Analogue Review

Understanding how products with a similar profile have navigated the market access pathway within different markets can help you to identify successful approaches to maximise your launch

Our team of Strategic advisors and market access consultants can help you to:

  • Identify analogues that best represent your brand’s challenges and opportunities at launch
  • Understand your data package opportunities and challenges
  • Identify what could have been done differently to facilitate success where a brand has under performed
  • Identify critical success factors to maximise launch opportunity
  • Understand potential pricing opportunities

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