Decision Drivers

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What does it involve?
Exploring the factors that influence 'payer' decisions and identifying the key decision drivers. This is typically through primary research with key stakeholders, but may also be identified through secondary research e.g. analysis of the rationale provided for previous HTA decisions.

Why is it required? 
Understanding who is making the decisions, and how, is only part of the picture; we need to need to understand what is driving the decisions to identify any potential opportunities and hurdles. Once these have been identified it is possible to develop solutions that optimise access.

How could this information be used?
This information is a key requirement in order to develop value communications that resonate, particularly in relation to value messages and objection handling materials. Likewise, you need to know what is driving a decision in order to develop a market access strategy that addresses any gaps in the evidence. These are only a couple of examples and there are a number of situations in which understanding the who, how and what of Payer Insight can be applied.

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