Failure to launch: beyond a trend?

We are Market Access Experts and Consultants specialising in global launch strategy for BioTech and Pharmaceutical companies.

Various published reports indicate that since 2004, between 36-50% of pharmaceutical product launches have failed to meet expectations from the perspective of sales or revenue.

Reports also found a proportion of those products that missed expectations at launch continued to miss expectations into years two and three.

One of the three most common reasons for missing expectations is due to limited market access e.g.

  • Lack of coverage
  • Use of formulary restrictions like step edits
  • Greater than expected expenses on discounts and rebates
  • High patient cost-sharing due to unfavourable placement on formulary
Failure to launch: beyond a trend?
Our team of experts can help you to build your market access and pricing strategy to maximise your commercial opportunity. As your strategic partner, we will help you to manage expectations internally and achieve the best possible outcomes at launch.

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We have spent 5 years selecting and recruiting the best Market Access experts and consultants from around the world. From our industry-leading Senior Directors through to our seasoned consulting team, each individual brings their unique experience in the pharmaceutical sector to drive realistic and achievable launch strategies.

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